It’s been a while…

Happy New Years! Yes I know I’m a little late, but the holidays were a little hectic around here. My 2-year-old toddler is now obsessed with Santa and Hanukkah. We’re lucky enough to celebrate both holidays-my husband is Jewish and i’m Catholic (please don’t ask me how we plan on raising our child-I can explain that on a later date). Anyway…back to the holidays! Lucas, my beautiful baby boy, absolutely loved the holidays. He loved when we lit the menorah, he thought the candles were birthday candles and sang “Happy Birthday” for pretty much all 8 nights. On Christmas Eve, he decided he needed his bedroom door open because he thought Santa was coming to play toys with him. It’s really tough to get a 2 year old to sleep when he knows Santa brings toys and treats! His usual bedtime of 7pm became 10:30 pm…which made a late night for this mama.  But it was amazing being about to see his face light up when he saw what Santa had left him, and loved that Santa ate the cookies he left out and the reindeer ate the carrot. Lucky for me he has a while before he realizes that 9 reindeer wouldn’t share 1 carrot. Haha.  It truly was an amazing holiday season for us!

A friend of mine reminded me today to start writing again. It reminded me that I do have something to say. I think this is a good outlet to start getting it out there. Ever if no one is reading this, I will have been able to get it off my chest. For about 5 years now i’ve been battling depression, to be honest it’s been a hell of a lot longer, but for 5 years I’ve been seeing a doctor and on medication and it really does help. But I don’t see a therapist, and I really don’t know if seeing one would actually help me. Even if 1 person reads this and can relate to anything that’s going on in my life, i’ll feel like a weight has been lifted.  I feel like I should stop this entry here, because I don’t want to get too deep right after I shared about my holiday season.  But i’m making a promise to myself that I will not wait another year before I write again, because even just writing this has felt better. So goodnight moon.  Xo


my first time (not what you think…)

Hello! BLOG VIRGIN HERE! I’m starting this blog as a way to let out some of my thoughts and experiences. So feel free to follow or not, that’s cool too.

I’m not a writer. Or an expert on anything. But I happen to think that sometimes my life is interesting-not always in a good way. I like to be open and honest, and it may get real at times, but I have been through a lot of ups and downs and I always manage make the best out of any crap life throws at me. Thank you for giving me a chance!!

So, I’m gonna go binge watch Grey’s Anatomy…because I need a break after setting this blog up. I’ll be back!!